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WiredBBQ.com will profile teams from around the competition barbecue circuits! Come back often to see who we've added!

Big Creek BBQ (Pleasant Hill, MO)

1 Deutsche BBQ Schule (Germany)

QUAU (Brimfield, IL)

4 Smokin Butts (Milstead, IL)

Barbecue Crew (Moultrie, GA)

BBQ Freaks (Puerto Rico)

Black Cat BBQ (Middletown, DE)

European All Stars (Norway/Denmark)

Black Pig BBQ (Canada)

Burnin' Bob's Butts and Bones (Morrison, CO)

IQUE (Boston, MA)

DivaQ (Canada)

Gerritt Boys BBQ (Huron, SD)

Hog Tide BBQ (Bentonville, AR)

I Smell Smoke!!! (Malden, MA)

Smoke on Wheels (Kansas City, KS)

Lakeside Smokers (Methuen, MA)

R & R BBQ (Salt Lake City, UT)

Mad Dogs BBQ (California)

Smoky's BBQ (Seattle, WA)

Southern Exposure (Penelope, TX)

Squealers BBQ (Indianapolis, IN)

TippyCanoe BBQ Crew (St. Ansgar, IA)

Piggy D's BBQ (Washington)

Motley Que Crew (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI)

Mr. Bobo's Traveling All Stars (New England)

2 Fat Bikers (Nekoosa, WI)

7 Schwaben (Germany)

Big Bear BBQ (Prairieville, LA)

Buffalo's BBQ (Sperry, OK)

Big Bob Gibson's (Decatur, AL)

Feeding Friends BBQ (Deerfield, NH)

Burnside BBQ (Canada)

Butcher BBQ (Chandler, OK)

Can't Stop Grillin' (Canada)

Pork Barrel BBQ (Washington, DC)

Flyboy BBQ (Bailey, CO)

Gilley's Barnstormin' BBQ (Taylorville, IL)

Jack's Old South (Unadilla, GA)

Midnite Smokers (Willow Street, PA)

Munchin' Hogs @ the Hilton (Prairie Village, KS)

PigDawg / Team EnoServ (Tulsa, OK)

Well Seasoned and the Canada Q Crew / Prairie Smoke and Spice (Canada)

Redneck Grillers (Sikeston, MO)

Salzburger Bulls (Austria)

Saucehound BBQ (Watertown, MA)

Swiss Team (Switzerland)

The Drunken Brisket (Lampasas, TX)

The Polish BBQ Kings (Poland)

Hambones by the Fire (Yorktown, VA)

Sweet Peppers (Albuquerque, NM)

Squeal of Approval (Lenexa, KS)

Old Style BBQ (Louisburg, KS)

Slaughterhouse Five (Olathe, KS)

Next Year's Winner (Kansas City, MO)

Motley Que Crew (Detroit, MI)

MBQI / Rib Stars (Kansas City, MO)

Habitual Smokers (Springdale, AR)

L & C (Kansas City North, MO)

Early Bird BBQ (Overland Park, KS)

The Kansas City BBQ Store

Richardson Tech