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Hi, Dave here. I started all this years ago (1999-2000) while taking and assisting an Internet class. We took an assignment for our school news cast to do a story on Jazz and barbecue. We did the jazz piece, which turned out really well, but as we were gathering the barbecue footage, the direction of our presentation shifted toward politics and they dropped the barbecue segments. (it was college, whatta ya gonna do?)

Meanwhile, I had all this great barbecue footage!

While lamenting this fact to a friend and fellow production type, Kirby, who designed my first Web site, we viewed the footage and immediately sensed that this was something to pursue. I mean, the reaction we got was simply amazing! You turn a camera on people cooking and, well, let's just say you run out of tape real fast.

Jennifer was our first Wired Host, and she was great. We traversed stadium parking lots, fairgrounds, The Phoenix Piano Bar (where Wired Barbeque was actually launched), and gathered more unbelievable footage with the hopes of a live interactive Web site. Then we visited the American Royal BBQ. That's where I got my first, up close glimpse of competition barbecue, and I was hooked.

By 2003, Jennifer had moved on, and Sara became the Wired Host. She, being a fun, quirky personality, seemed to fit what was becoming the WiredBBQ style. That was the year WiredBBQ really emerged and started to become what it was originally intended. Unfortunately, my computers were not able to keep up with the bulk of footage we shot, and there was no easy way to upload the videos (broadband access was not as available back then).

Ultimately, I had to decide on whether to rehab my old building in Columbus Park, or continue with WiredBBQ. I couldn't afford both, so I chose the building, and in 2004 put WiredBBQ on the shelf.

Fast forward to 2009: After playing with all the new technology that emerged from the FCC mandate in 2008 that allowed for consumer access to broadband, and being itchy to produce something again, I began shooting new footage for WiredBBQ, which included a segment on Original Juan. In 2010, we began live Webcasting, starting with the American Royal Parade, then the BBQ, and finally the Jack Daniels BBQ in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

In 2011, I set forth to shoot as much footage as possible and be live whenever I could, along the way developing relationships with the barbecue community using social media and my presence in the field. That has culminated in the NEW WiredBBQ team with Kyle Laval as the new Wired host, and Jeff Stith handling the marketing (and sort of manager). Having two experienced BBQ cooks and competitors on board with live Webcast capability has elevated the presence of WiredBBQ to the next level, where I had always hoped it would go.

And here we are now. I am still testing new equipment, and ways to live Webcast, but the fun and excitement of the barbecue community remains the same. WiredBBQ has developed its presence in that community, and now we enjoy being recognized as trail blazers in the live webcast arena as well, due to our ability to be mobile.

It's been a long process, but I like to say that it is much like barbecue in that regard and the end result is worth the wait.

Oh yeah, my personal information: I am a life long resident of Kansas City, Missouri. I have been a video editor at KCTV5 since 1997. I have also worked extensively prior to that in film and video production.


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