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Welcome, barbecue fans! WiredBBQ.com is your complete source for video from the world of barbecue! Here, you can travel to barbecue competitions all across the country and watch both big name teams as well as those aspiring to be champions compete for cash and prizes. You'll meet personalities from the competition trail, at contests and at home in their own kitchens. Ever wanted to tour famous barbecue joints of America? WiredBBQ.com takes you behind the scenes at some of the best and many of which you might never have heard! In addition, you'll get product reviews, tailgating specials and interviews with the people that make barbecue America's cuisine! And weekly, WiredBBQ.com takes you LIVE to barbecue contests and other barbecue venues. So be sure to save WiredBBQ.com as a favorite! You'll want to come back every week to see what we've cooked up! Where there's smoke, there's WIRED!

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